The PHI Centre

As the founder and director of a major non-profit contemporary art institution called DHC/ART Foundation, Phoebe Greenberg's commitment and passion for the arts extends even further with PHI, a business dedicated to investing in cultural property that reflects our evolving understanding of the impact of art.

PHI engages the best creative minds to find modern solutions to produce, promote, and distribute artist driven projects in the fields of music, film, architecture, design and new media.

PHI has created a diverse portfolio of innovative and audacious projects, which have garnered international acclaim.

PHI has built international partnerships in London, New York, and L.A. offering support to artists on a worldwide stage.

PHI will soon occupy two amalgamated historic buildings in Old Montreal, equipped with two multipurpose performance venues and multidisciplinary production facilities. Our team will curate these public venues to showcase PHI projects, as well as, projects in collaboration with other like-minded art institutions.

The PHI centre will house the largest short film archives for the purpose of research. Our public spaces will include two restaurants.